Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Months!?!?!?

How did we get here? And how did I forget to post his 3 month stats? Oy. He's getting sooooo big. He as always loves to look around at everything, but now he's looking more carefully at his toys and even trying to grab them. He's rolling over back to front more often and still getting very upset when he's successful as he HATES being on his tummy. And we're getting busier. We joined a mommy group and trying to do meet ups once a week or so, we have Infant Mother Goose and start swimming lessons next week. Busy busy busy. Of course mommy is still pretty lazy. She still doesn't keep an immaculate house and her cooking certainly isn't improving, but hey, my baby is happy and healthy.

So here is my best uneducated guess at how much he weighs and how tall he is:
Weight: 15 lbs!!!
Height: 26 inches!!!
He is a big baby boy! Sure there are bigger, but he's MY big baby boy and I l
ove him to pieces. Here's his 3 month picture.

See, I told you he was big!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm on Etsy!

I finally got my act together and got my Esty store set up. So I now have a blog, a webstite, a facebook group and an Etsy store. I don't know if all this will translate into making money, but I can hope right? I'm still trying to figure out this Etsy thing though. I think I just need to spend more time surfing the site.

So needless to say, we've been busy this week. I've made a blog, website, facebook group, and Etsy store, joined a mommy group and gone to a playdate already. Today we have another meetup to attend. We're going to the farmer's market! Hopefully we can get some nice fruits there so mommy can keep up her energy. Apparently I haven't been eating very well because I've been very dizzy, weak and nauseous for quite a while. I'm hoping some better eating habits and some exercise will help with that.

Matthew is doing great. I can't believe he'll be 3 months on Sunday! He likes to play and is rolling from his back to his front. He still isn't fond of tummy time, but he's getting better. He stopped sleeping through the night and started waking up more than just the once. Though today he slept from 10 until 5:30, so maybe he was just going through a growth spurt? I can't wait to take his 3 month photo on Sunday. We'll probably do our family portrait for the Christmas card then too! I already measured and weighed him, though I'm sure the weight won't be accurate because I guestimated his weight on my own scale. Oh well, close enough right?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cards, Websites and Blogs

Well I've been convinced. I'm setting up an online store to sell my vast supply of photo cards I've been making "just for fun". It's been a hard slog, but I think we're nearly set up. I have most of my wares uploaded to my website and am slowly working on my blog. Soon, I'll have an Etsy store to sell my products and from there, who knows what will happen.

So between feeding my hungry monster and playing with him, I take his nap times to play around on my website and blog, and soon, my facebook page too. So much for "sleep when the baby sleeps".

So stay tuned for website updates, visit often and tell your friends.