Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Months Old!

With all the excitement of preparing for the Craft Show and going to the Baby Time Show, I forgot to post Matthew's 5 month photos and stats! It's been a wonderful 5 months. He is so active and smiley and happy. I can't believe I lucked out and got an easy baby who is back on a routine and going to sleep "drowsy but awake". He plays by himself, smiles at everyone we meet, falls asleep on car rides and continues to make huge milestones every day. His new favourite trick is to slap his left hand on whatever it happens to be close to: his leg, the car seat, mommy (ok the mommy trick is not so cute when nursing). He is getting really good at sitting up and can sit unsupported for a few seconds, sometimes longer. Mommy always has to be right there when he's trying to sit because he's still a "tippy canoe". I love my smiley, giggly big boy.

As of Friday, my big boy weighs around 18 lbs and is 28 inches long! Here's his official photo.

Here are two of the cutest photos from our photo shoot at the Baby Time Show.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy Mommy!

So today we were all over the place. We were off nice and early to go swimming with our mom group, then drive through for lunch and Mother Goose for some sing song fun. We were quite tired by the time we got home, but somehow I found time to put him to bed and start making some ornaments. I don't know if I'll be expanding my "business", but I sure had fun making ornaments today. I even wrote a tutorial for my blog. They're really easy to make and quick too. I was able to make them during one of Matthew's famous half hour naps!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mom of the Year Award

It was bound to happen, I know. I've been dreading it since the day we brought him home and every time I take him downstairs, I have nightmares about it. Well it finally happened. I fell. With Matthew in my arms. I was so scared. He was so scared. I didn't think he hit his head, just his leg and arm, which seemed to be ok. I checked him over up and down, stripped him down and moved all his limbs to be sure he was still in one piece. He looked normal. We went through 30 minutes of inconsolable crying, another 30 minutes of crying and whining on and off and refusing to nurse and he finally fell asleep on my chest. When he woke up he was hungry. That was a good sign. The rest of the afternoon he didn't seem like himself. He was fussy, but that could be due to the cold he currently has (his second one in his short little life). And then I noticed a red line on his head. Cue the panic, again. He DID hit his head after all. After some more crying, I called Telehealth and the nurse walked me through all the signs and symptoms and we determined that he in fact, was ok. So we're going to watch him carefully over the next two days and wake him up at night to be sure he is able to wake up.

I know. It happens a lot and it's nothing I did wrong. But I still feel like the worst mother in the world. Hearing those cries of pain, seeing the tears fall, watching him shudder and struggle to catch his breath, for a whole hour, was more than I could take. So today, I feel like the worst mom in the world. And hopefully tomorrow, the feeling will pass. As long as my beautiful baby is still ok.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Preparing for a Craft Show.

After much talk with my BFF in NL, I decided to research craft shows in my area. After a few false starts I finally found one. It was calling for Sheridan grads. Hey, I'm a Sheridan grad! The price was right too. Only $15 for one day. I can afford that. So I signed up. It's on November 20 from 9-5 at Jade Gardens and Greenhouses in Milton. I will have tons of ready made cards for sale at discount prices, cd's of ready made cards and order forms for custom designed cards. I'm hoping to sell a few cards on the spot and take some orders and just plain get my name out there. Which reminds me, I have to finish my catalog and make my order forms.

People keep asking me (particularly my mother) whether I've sold any cards. Well ... no. Turns out if you're on Etsy, you need to advertise and post every day for you not to get lost in the tons of cards already out there. So I set up Paypal on my website, though I'm not sure if/how it works. Well, I've officially run out of room on my website and I'm not sure it's worth it to pay for more. I'm on every media outlet I can think of and yet still no hits. Le sigh.

I could always start selling my hats. Yes, I've picked up another hobby. I taught myself how to crochet with a book and Youtube and I already have orders lined up. One seems serious while the others are most likely joking. I have a feeling some kiddos in Germany are getting some hats for Christmas!