Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Months Old!

With all the excitement of preparing for the Craft Show and going to the Baby Time Show, I forgot to post Matthew's 5 month photos and stats! It's been a wonderful 5 months. He is so active and smiley and happy. I can't believe I lucked out and got an easy baby who is back on a routine and going to sleep "drowsy but awake". He plays by himself, smiles at everyone we meet, falls asleep on car rides and continues to make huge milestones every day. His new favourite trick is to slap his left hand on whatever it happens to be close to: his leg, the car seat, mommy (ok the mommy trick is not so cute when nursing). He is getting really good at sitting up and can sit unsupported for a few seconds, sometimes longer. Mommy always has to be right there when he's trying to sit because he's still a "tippy canoe". I love my smiley, giggly big boy.

As of Friday, my big boy weighs around 18 lbs and is 28 inches long! Here's his official photo.

Here are two of the cutest photos from our photo shoot at the Baby Time Show.


  1. I know, isn't he? I may be biased, but I think he's pretty darn cute myself.