Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Milk Supply Crashed

I went to a breastfeeding clinic today and after seeing about a bazillion different professionals, one thing is very clear: my supply has all but dried up. I was beginning to realize this was the case when I started to actually pay attention to the WAY Matthew was nursing. He's not really drinking any milk. This explains a LOT! So I now have a prescription for Domperidone and a follow up appointment.

The real question is WHY has my supply crapped out? After much discussion of my history, it becomes very clear: really really bad, conflicting breastfeeding advice. After being sent home from the hospital supplementing and tube feeding, overcorrecting with pumping, overcorrecting with block feeding, low dose birth control pill and cutting out night feeds, it's obvious why my milk has struggled to keep up. It appears that even my mini pill is affecting my supply so I will be dropping that ASAP. I now realize why Matthew seemed suddenly "colicky" at 6 weeks: he was reacting to a drop in my supply. It's probably the reason for all the nightly wake ups. It's probably the reason for Crabby McCrabberson showing up every afternoon and lately every morning.

So we have another piece to the puzzle. Now I just need to make an appointment to get a referral with a pediatric allergist and wait for my follow up appointment at the breastfeeding clinic. Hopefully at that point we can make a plan for how to proceed when I go back to work. Fingers crossed that we get some sleep REAL soon!


  1. So glad you're figuring this out. Tweeted this so that other breastfeeding moms can hear your story!

  2. I hope the dom works. It is supposed to work very well. Keep on the lookout for side effects though. Did you ever try any herbals? oatmeal? Always have those boobies out! When James is playing on the floor, soemtimes I lay down on my side with myshirt rolled up, and he crawls by and nurse on his hands and knees over and over again- great for supply. Get him to stimulate your breasts as much as possible! let me know if you need me to look something up -I just got the Le Leche League leaderbook.

    5/25 Wal=Green's haul SUCCESS

  3. Thanks ladies. Kristin I've been downing Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle like it's going out of style for 3 weeks. Nada. Every nursing session finishes with 2-4 oz of formula AFTER eating a full meal.