Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sleep Re-Training

After the last weekend of the summer it was back to reality, back to work, and back to sleep training. There was a lot of fooling around at bedtime and a lot of frustration, which resulted in me walking out and locking the gate behind me. Cue the screaming, and crying, and calling for mama. When I went back up to calm the screaming he was standing ON the gate! This went on for 1 1/2 hours. The same thing happened the next night when Roland tried to put him to bed, only Roland got more frustrated than I did and sort of yelled at him to go back to bed. This is something we need to work on.

Tonight Matthew wanted to sit on his potty after storytime. I had to sit on the toilet next to him of course. When I told him he could flush the toilet if he peed in the potty, he actually went pee! Yay! Then there was crying when he flushed the pee and it was gone. He wanted to poo on the potty, and there was lots of fooling around. Finally I got him ready for bed and really talked up being a big boy for peeing in the potty and big boys go to sleep on their own. I told him I would be downstairs. He cried on and off and was quiet for a while and I thought we were good until he ran to the gate and started screaming. I walked him back to bed and cuddled him and talked to him and told him I would check on him in a few minutes if he stayed in bed and didn't cry. So I suppose I should go check on him now.

I think I may have woken him up when I went to check on him! I gave him a kiss and rubbed his back and said goodnight. I think we have success! Now if only we could get him to stop waking up at night!

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