Friday, June 11, 2010

Eviction Notice Has Been Served!

It's Baby K's Due Date today and we had our 40 week appointment this morning. I finished my last day of work yesterday and was looking forward to checking some more things off my to-do list after my appointment. The nurse takes my blood pressure and it is 120/70. I commented that it sounded a bit off. "Oh, is that high for you?" "No, my blood pressure hasn't been that low since before 30 weeks!" The cuff seemed to be coming off during the reading so she takes another reading on the other arm ... twice. It was 150/92. The OB didn't like my blood pressure, so he ordered an induction. I was "supposed" to call at 5 pm tonight, but the hospital just called and want me to come in NOW! Off to make the rounds of phone calls and then we're on our way to have our baby! The next post will have a picture of Baby K!


  1. AHHH! can't wait to see your little bundle! congratulations!