Friday, April 1, 2011

Y3W ~ Causing a Ruckus

Matthew is crawling ... everywhere. He causes trouble wherever he goes. He loves our cat Mya. He lays on her, grabs her fur and plays with and pulls on her tail. For whatever reason, she just sits there and takes it. I separate the two when she starts meowing, but she just goes back for more. Thank goodness she's a good natured cat or we'd have a whole world of trouble on our hands.

I just love when Matthew gets into something and I ask him "are you causing a ruckus?" He gives me this devilish grin that I love. So here are some photos of Matthew "causing a ruckus".


  1. He is precious! :o) Get your crawling on little man!

  2. too cute...get ready for walking!

  3. Luke pulls on Tucker too, and he takes it. So weird!