Monday, April 25, 2011

Sleep? What's That?

Yes, this is another post about my non-sleeping baby. We've ruled out just about everything and tried just about everything. I'm at the end of my rope. My poor sleep deprived brain just can't handle much more of this hourly nightly waking BS. Just thought I'd update you on where we are with this sleep training marathon.

After pushing the issue with our doctor, we have an appointment with a dietitian who will look at his growth chart and my food journal to see if she can suggest any dietary changes that might help my little boy. As that is still over a week away I decided to go gluten free on my own last week. We're one week gluten free and our sleep hasn't gotten much better. This week I'm adding in another factor. I'm eliminating caffeine. I've relied on daily Coke's to get my poor sleepy self through the day, but maybe all this excess caffeine is affecting my poor baby's ability to sleep soundly. So, with one week before the dietitian appointment, I'm going cold turkey on caffeine. Help me!

I'm also trying a little Nanny Robina nap training. I hate letting Matthew cry, but I can't handle the rocking until I'm blue in the face and he wakes up as soon as he's in the crib BS anymore. Today's first attempt took 60 mins of crying going in at increasing intervals and I woke him up after 1 hr of sleep so I can stick to the schedule. Only problem is, now we're an hour off the schedule because it took so long in the first place. Le sigh. It's going to be a long week.

Please cross your fingers that either my experiments work or the dietitian has some ideas. I realize that some babies don't sleep 12 hours until they're 3, but surely waking every hour is NOT normal for a 10 month old.

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