Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Nesting" Part 2

I had a burst of "nesting" energy last night. I got a lot of things accomplished. I cleaned my scrapbooking room, well, sort of. I cleaned MY side of the scrapbooking room enough to take official photos! I would love to one day have a bit more space, but for now, 1/2 an office will have to do.

I also started working on the thank you cards for my upcoming shower. I made two sample cards, and I'm not sure if I like how they turned out. I might have to rework them or find new papers. We shall see. But here are the first samples.

I also rounded up all my old stuffed animals and they found their new home in the beautiful basket I bought for Baby K.

And these are the baskets I got on sale. They are pretty, but not quite the right colour. Good thing I bought some new fabric to recover them with. I can't wait for my BFF to come down to help me with my nursery projects.

1 comment:

  1. you are so darn crafty!! I love the cards- they look like little sweetpea's!