Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nursery Update

Well, the walls have been painted and the murals have been started. Using the overhead projector seemed like a good idea, but in order to get the images big enough, we had to put the projector in the corner of the room. It wasn't until I had finished painting one mural and begun on another that I realized how distorted the images were. Opps! I managed to rescue one mural before I got too far, but had to use nail polish remover to erase the part of the other mural that was skewed. Just a little bit more work and the painting in the nursery will be done! Next, we tackle the closet, which needs a bit more work. Glue needs to be scraped, plaster needs to be applied and sanded and then we can finally get around to painting it. When all that is done, we can install the closet organizer and then I will finally have a place to put the baskets I made!

My best friend came down from Ottawa this weekend and helped me with the painting and the murals. Then she helped me figure out how to make new liners for the baskets I bought. It was way more math than I was expecting and our poor little brains were strained trying to figure it all out. But once we got one done, the others came along quite nicely. I measured and cut the fabric and she sewed. When it was all done, we were quite pleased with the result. I decided to add some nice chocolate brown ribbon to add a finishing touch to the baskets. I love to compare the new baskets with their "before" picture, so much nicer than purple! I love them and can't wait to put them in the closet.

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