Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Shower

My SIL threw me a wonderful baby shower last week and I finally wrangled some pictures out of her to post on my blog. There were lots of friends and family and everyone was so very thoughtful and generous. We played a few games and ate and socialized and everyone had a fabulous time. This is me with my tiny bump that looks even smaller when I am sitting down.

Everyone had fun playing the "guess the size game". Most of the ladies guessed much too large. My mom made her guess based on the size of her own hips. Too big! My SILs BF won the booby prize because her guess was litterally TWO times too big! Two ladies came close, but there could be only one winner. My friend L was only 1 inch too small. She made her guess by going around her own belly and adding a little bit. It turned out to be a pretty good guess.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of my "baby gift train". My neice and nephew decided to help me with the gift opening by lining all the presents up in a big long line. Then they would move it all closer with each gift I opened. My neice was particularly efficient in helping me find the cards and tear appart the wrapping before I even had a chance to read who the gift was from. 4 year olds get really excited about opening gifts, even if they aren't their own.
My SIL made sure there were plenty of cakes and desserts for everyone. My MIL made her famous "cheese torte", and there was a whipped cream caked from her favourite bakery, and then there was the chocolate fudge cake from the grocery store by special request. Baby loves chocolate!

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