Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, I'm 35 weeks and have less than 35 days to go! Holy cow! How did I get here? I feel like this pregnancy has been the strangest rollercoaster ride ever. They say that you feel like crap in the first trimester, feel great and have loads of energy during the "honeymoon phase" of second trimester, then it all starts to go downhill in third trimester. Well, it's sort of like that, only you have ups and downs and bumps along the way. I don't think I ever had that "honeymoon phase", but I certainly felt better than I did, or do now. Now, it seems like every time a new symptom or complaint crops up, something worse is yet to come. I thought my aching lower back was bad, then I got back spasms. Just when I thought the back spasms couldn't get worse, Baby K decided to sit on a nerve and now I can't remove the knife from my back. I have managed to find something to relieve the pain, at least temporarily. I will show you my magic formula for relieving back pain when you sit. Ready? Here it is:

That's right folks, a tennis ball. I keep this puppy in my purse so I can stick it behind my back when I drive. I pull it out to use at my chair at work. I bring this with me everywhere! It's surprising to me that as uncomfortable as leaning on a tennis ball is, it feels sooooooo much better than the stabbing, radiating, burning nerve pain my little one is causing me. This miracle cure will be with me in labour and delivery as well, you can rest assured.

In honour of my 35/35 milestone, here is my weekly bump picture. I took this last night on our way to our breastfeeding class. Boy I wish I had worn this dress all day. Had I known it was going to be 28 C and HUMID, I wouldn't have worn pants to work. Live and learn I suppose!

I have also started to work on some more baby shower thank you cards. I'm feeling the pressure to get them done, so instead of scrapbooking on Friday like I usually do, I'll be card making! Hey, paper crafting is paper crafting right? I love these ones I made using the stamps I bought on sale. I made 10 of them and still have another 15 or so to go. I have to mix up my cards, or I'll get bored. I don't know quite what my 3rd set of cards will look like, but I'll be sure to post them here!

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