Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr Man!

This weekend was Matthew's parties. Yes, I said parties, plural. Cause I'm a crazy mama and needed to have one party for his little friends, and one for family. I had a lot of it planned out and prepped in advance, so it went fairly smoothly, and I had Roland to help me. In the morning, I prepped the rest of the food and Roland cleaned. It worked out pretty well. Unfortunately, my camera is broken (I really need to take it to Henry's to get it fixed) so I didn't get any pictures. However, my friend did manage to take some pictures and she sent them to me. YAY! I'm hoping a few more friends took pictures and they send them my way. Maybe my aunt will send me some of her pictures since I didn't have a camera for his family party either :(. I really should have gotten my camera fixed last weekend. It had been working every 4th picture, but decided yesterday to quit completely. Guess I should go get it fixed ASAP! Anyway, here is the hoard of photos I have so far.

No idea how to turn the pictures, sorry.

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