Monday, June 25, 2012

A Miracle in the Making?

4 nights of sleep last week. FOUR! Night 5 was a few minor nightmares, but a minor blip in the dream. The weekend however was another story. First weekend at the cottage and Friday night was HOT. I couldn't sleep to save my life and Matthew woke up a few times. He ended up in bed with us for a little while which didn't work out AT ALL because a) it's a double, not a queen and b) silly billy couldn't sleep. Saturday night he wouldn't go back to bed after he woke up at 11:30 so he ended up in bed with me. Roland didn't come to bed until after midnight and found a kiddo on his side. I told him to move him, but he slept on the floor instead. Strange man. Matthew woke up some time later and was transferred to his bed. Roland had handled the bedtime routine.

That brings us to tonight. I did bedtime last night and there were a few minor wakeups. Tonight I did bedtime again and all was going well and I was fully expecting to have to trade off for the actual putting into bed part, but Matthew was all snuggly with me, then got down and crawled into bed. I covered him in his blanket and kissed him and he said "bye". Uh? Is that it kid? No bargaining? No "I need a new diaper"? No "Daddy"? Um... ok. So I left. SUCCESS!!!

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