Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3 Day Potty Training Day 2

Well, as per the 3 Day Potty Training technique I woke Matthew up 1 hour after he fell asleep to take him to the potty. He was half asleep and didn't have to pee so I walked him back and tucked him in. I didn't hear boo from him after that. I woke him again at 5 am to take him to the potty and this time he was wet, so I changed him and the bedding and put him back to bed. He slept until 7:30 and had a dry diaper! Woot! I half think waking him up pre-emptively prevented him from waking up on his own. Who knows. We'll see what tonight brings.

So we got up and I tried to get him to try the potty, but he didn't want to. Shortly after breakfast, as I was preparing fruit, he said "uh oh pee pee". Low and behold he was peeing all over the floor. I rushed him to the potty and sat him down. He had also pooed in his underwear so we had to clean that up too.

I then had to call the optometrist. I was supposed to call on Monday, but didn't want to be bothered, so then I had to wait until today. See, on Friday night as I was going to sleep I noticed a dark patch in the field of vision of my left eye. I didn't notice it after that until we came in from the lake on Saturday. It felt like I had a bit of snow blindness, but just in my left eye. I didn't have much time to think about it because I had to drive home. The drive home was annoying. My left eye was a bit off. By Sunday I realized everything was just a little blurry and dark.

Because I didn't call on Monday, I spent all day Tuesday consulting Dr Dad and Dr Google (only one of them is a qualified optometrist). I started to notice that the dark spot in my left eye was flower shaped and a bit on the red side. I started to worry about a retinal hemorrhage, so today I managed to make a last minute appointment with an optometrist. I had 30 minutes to get both Matthew and myself dressed, out the door and all the way across town for the appointment. We made it only a few minutes late. After many tests, pupil dilating drops and pictures with the retinal camera, the Dr diagnosed me with central serous retinopathy. Which is swelling behind the retina. There is no known cause, but it is linked with stress.  "Have you had any stress lately?"  Um... I'm 6 monthe pregnant with a toddler who doesn't sleep or eat and a husband who works 6 days a week who just threw out his back becoming completely useless to me. The treatment? Nothing. It just has to run it's course and should take 2-3 MONTHS to clear up! GAH! I feel like I need glasses. The difference between the two eyes feels weird and is definitely going to drive me nuts. I'm waiting for the Dr Office to call back with an appointment with an opthemologic specialist to confirm the diagnosis. Hopefully they can squeeze me in this week. Now I'm REALLY wishing I had made the call on Monday.

So what does all this mean for potty training? Well, we had to rush out to the Dr so I had to put a diaper on Matthew and we didn't come back until naptime so he was in a diaper most of the day. Boo. Once he woke up from his nap, I took off Matthew's diaper and put his underwear back on and reminded him to keep his underwear dry and let me know when he had to make a pee.  I watched him closely while I made dinner and kept reminding him. Around 5 pm Matthew says "I have to make pee pee" and he starts running to the bathroom. I followed behind him and helped him with his underwear. He sat on the potty and PEED! No mess! No accidents! I didn't have to "catch" him and carry him to the potty, he went on his own! We had to get a sticker and M&Ms and a prize for filling up his "dry underwear" chart and then we called Grandpa! Matthew was so excited!

Finally Daddy came home and we sat down to eat dinner. Well, Roland and I sat down to dinner, Matthew refused as usual. Halfway through dinner, Matthew starts running to the bathroom. He didn't say a word, he just ran, so I followed him and helped him with his underwear. More pee! He went all by himself. Didn't even tell us, just went! WOOT! Success!!!  More M&Ms and big cuddles!  Matthew claimed he had to pee a few more times, then asked for M&Ms. "No M&Ms, sorry buddy. Next time."

Nearing the end of day 2 and he's starting to get it, even though half the day was wasted at the optometrists office in a diaper. I'm hoping this bodes well for day 3, but I'm not looking forward to no diaper at bedtime.  Fingers crossed.

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