Sunday, January 6, 2013

Potty Training Continued

Saturday we had a good day. Other than waking up wet, Matthew had a perfect morning. No accidents, lots of pee and poo on the potty. My sister in law showed up at 10 am for my "Christmas Surprise". Roland sent me to a spa for a "Mommy to Be" spa day. I got a massage, pedicure and manicure. When I returned, my sister in law said Matthew made some good pee pee for her. YAY! Matthew had a late nap and stayed dry the whole time. We even went out to a restaurant and walmart and he stayed dry, even tried out his new potty for the big toilet. Shortly after we got home however, he had an accident. DOH!

Overnight Matthew woke up at 1:30 and peed, but then woke up at 4 and was crying and needed a snuggle. He was up at 6:30. Roland got up with him and apparently he made a poo on the potty, but had a pee accident shortly after. He did great for the rest of the day, but had a poo accident in the afternoon. Tonight we are trying overnight pull ups. Hopefully that will keep him dry and prevent unnecessary wake ups. Fingers crossed.

Tonight's bedtime was a little late due to a late nap, as usual. The Matthew shinanigans tonight included being hungry, wanting to pee, twice and then peeing on his own and needing help pulling up his new "nighttime underwear". After helping him with his pull up and explaining that they're special nighttime underwear and will keep him dry, he finally relaxed enough to stay quiet in his bed.

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