Friday, January 4, 2013

Potty Training Day 4

Last night Matthew had pee at 11:30 when Roland woke him up. He woke up wet at 1:30, then woke up again at 3 and we told him to go back to bed. He came to my bed dry at 6 and we snuggled/slept until 8. Ok ok. I know we shouldn't have slept in like that but man am I tired.

Matthew had one accident this morning but 2 successes before we left for daycare.  Matthew ran off on me while I was packing the car and lost his treat from potty. Looking back, taking away the treat was a mistake. Matthew did not want to go to daycare. He did not want me to leave and he made it clear he did not want to go potty at daycare. He had a breakdown over being redirected from hitting a kid with a drumstick. Eventually he settled and I left for my appointment.

The report from daycare is he did not poo while he was there, refused to use the potty and had an accident at naptime.  Matthew made it home dry and made a pee once he got home. Unfortunately he had a poo accident. He ran to the bathroom but nothing happened. Not too long after he ran again, but he had an accident in his underwear. He remained dry the rest of the night and made a few pees.

Matthew is a bit obsessed with getting his treats. He asks for them constantly. He'll run to the potty, sit on it and produce nothing then demand a treat. He gets upset when he can't get treats. I think I may have overplayed the treats a bit. We've also run into a bedtime nightmare. He now stalls bedtime by constantly running to the potty. He usually doesn't produce. I'm halfway between letting him try and cutting him off. I started telling him to go by himself. He's capable of pulling down his pants and sitting on the potty and he did it a few times. But then I had to check to see if he'd done anything and help him pull his pants back up. I was getting very very frustrated. I put up with the shinanigans longer than I should have. I finally left him screaming at the gate. At one point I heard the toilet flush. Ok, what did he just flush? I had to check. I "think" he peed  and poured the pee into the toilet by himself. I really have no idea. I managed to get him tucked in, but as soon as I left he followed me and started screaming. After 15 mins of screaming Roland went up to deal with it. More pee, wiping the nose, some vaseline on the nose and Matthew finally settled down to bed.

It's official. I'm crazy. It was a stupid idea to get rid of diapers for bedtime in a kid who hasn't learned to fall asleep on his own or sleep through the night yet. But now what? Do I go back and put him back in diapers? Will that ruin potty training? Will bedtime get better eventually? It is only day 4. Matthew also had a hard time with daycare. Will that get better too? Is it just because potty is new? Is it because he hasn't been to daycare in 2 weeks? How long do I wait. NONE of this was covered in the e-book! BLAH!

Ok. So the next update is about me. I had my 26 week OB appointment today and the gestational diabetes test. My blood pressure is perfect, baby is head down, I'm measuring a week ahead and everything looks good. Except that I gained 9 lbs. 9 lbs!!!! in 4 weeks!!!??? WHAAAAAA???? Oh dear. My doctor didn't say anything to me about it but I'm worried I'm going to gain out of control and have more to lose at the end of this thing. I hate the stupid scale. Blah.

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