Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 11

I started bedtime last night, but Matthew was screwing around. He thought it was a fun game. I initially sat in the doorway with the door open, but thought it was too light, so I closed it half way, then all the way. Holding the door closed when he got out of bed didn't seem to help. Eventually I left for a coffee date with my mom friends and Roland took over. He said it took another 30 mins of fooling around before he went to bed. At 11 pm I heard a "thump, waaaaah" and then nothing. Not sure what happened, but he stayed asleep. At 1 Matthew came into our room and I told him to go back to bed, which he did. Not too long after, he was in our room again, but this time he brought a pillow, then stuffed animals, then a blanket and I had to get out of bed to cover him up. He kept getting up and asking to come in the bed, and I kept having to cover him in blankets until finally I said "MATTHEW, GO TO SLEEP". This was 3 am and he finally went to sleep.  Ugh. Not sure how it's going to go tonight, but he's already a cranky puss. Hopefully he's nice and sleepy tonight.

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