Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 13

Wednesday night it took Roland 45 mins for Matthew to go to sleep. He woke up only once and went right back to bed. Last night Roland did a bath and I did bedtime. Matthew seemed to be going along with it. I was aiming for an 8:30 bedtime because he was really fighting 8 pm. Everything was going well until we turned the light out. He didn't want to snuggle and rock in the glider, he wanted to run away. After putting some cream on his bum that he asked for (but totally didn't need), I turned the light off again and we snuggled and I sang him his song. He hopped right down and climbed into bed. That didn't last long and he was fighting me to get out of the room. I conceded to one more snuggle in the glider before putting him back in bed. At one point I had to leave the room and close the door. Eventually he settled down and went to sleep. I was nearly asleep too. It was 8:45. Blah. At 11 pm he woke up crying, not screaming, but not wimpering, full out crying. I went into his room and he was standing there in the middle of the room, eyes half closed, very dopey, and crying his little eyes out. I gave him a cuddle and put him back in bed. At some point in the night I heard some rustling. When I finally opened my eyes to look, Matthew had brought his pillow and blanket to our room to sleep on the floor. Ok, fine, whatever kid, just don't bug me. At 4 am he wanted in the bed. He was fooling around; he wanted me to put his blanket back on. Finally I sternly said "Matthew, go to sleep" and Roland covered him up with his blanket. He slept until 6 and when Roland said goodbye, Matthew came in bed with me for a few minutes and a snuggle. Le sigh.

Everything we've worked for is going to get royally screwed up this weekend (not that it's working that great anymore anyway), because we're going to my parent's house tonight. It always throws him off. I think we'll be either bringing a bed rail up, or putting his crib mattress on the floor and ditching the crib. Hopefully if we keep the same routine, it won't be so bad, but I'm probably kidding myself. Tonight is going to be the worst because we will be travelling right around bedtime and likely won't get to my parent's house before 10. Then Matthew will want to play with Grandpa before bed. I guess we'll just have to start from scratch when we get home on Monday. Sleep training sucks.

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