Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 22 & 23

Last night bedtime was a breeze. Roland did a bath and a relatively quick bedtime. Apparently Matthew told Roland "bye" and so he left and came downstairs. We never heard another peep out of him. Not one. ALL night! In the morning, Matthew was awake in his bed, but didn't come to see us. YAY! Progress! Amazing! I love sleep.

Tonight is a whole different story. Matthew's got a wicked diaper rash going on and has a very sore bum. Poor guy cries through every diaper change. So we did some bare bum time outside while watering the grass, then a much needed bath to get the mud off. After lots of cream, some stories and milk and brushing teeth, we were ready for a song and rocking. Not quite as it turns out. He wanted more bum cream. Ok, fine, I'll bite. More bum cream, then a song and an extra snuggle. After the snuggle, Matthew doesn't want to get into his bed. I held him for a little time longer and explained to him that he needed to go into his bed and mommy can stay for a little bit, or mommy can leave if he doesn't co-operate. I put him in his bed and stayed right beside him. He cried. Then he got out of bed and I left and locked the gate behind me. Roland went up to rescue the situation, but I have little hope of success.

This is too hard. I'm a few days away from calling in reinforcements. This should be getting easier. We're being consistent, we've let him cry, we've laid down the law, and now he's revolting. Was it the weekend with my parents that screwed him up? Why did last night go so smoothly, but Monday and Wednesday go so badly? Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe what I am right now.

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