Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 4

So today marks day 4 in our new sleep training journey. We got screwed up right from the start because we were celebrating my BILs birthday with cake. So I didn't get to START the bedtime routine until 8:30. AND Matthew had an extra long nap today that I actually had to wake him up from when I went to pick him up. It took about 30 mins to change, read 2 stories, drink milk, brush teeth and say goodnight to Daddy. Then I rocked him in the glider while I sang him his song. I brought up a sippy cup of water up to his room and made sure he understood where it was and that he could get it any time in the night if he was thirsty. I put him in his bed and tucked him in and told him again where his sippy was and asked if he understood that he doesn't need Mommy to come if he's thirsty. He said yes. Then I sat back and waited. I sat about halfway between the crib and the door (probably 1 1/2 feet away). He didn't move. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow. I took a chance and left. The time was 9:10. It only took me 10 mins from lights out to out the door. He was really tired, but I'm still waiting for him to wake up. Only time will tell if this will stick.

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