Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 17

Last night Matthew woke up twice. I didn't even notice the first time, I must have been dead asleep. He woke up again at 4:30 and I brought him into bed. Tonight I did bedtime and it was ok until it was time to get into bed. He started making excuses: saying "bum". I entertained him and put cream on his bum. The rest of bedtime was playtime. I left the room for a few minutes while he cried. When I came back he was still fooling around and bumped his split lip making it bleed again. I calmed him down, cleaned him up, gave him snuggles and put him back in bed. More fooling around, standing up saying hi, getting out of bed, wanting to be covered again. Finally, as I waited just outside his door with it half open, I thought he was asleep so I left. I was wrong. I went back up and ordered him back in bed. He wouldn't stay. I left and closed the door. He doesn't know I'm not holding it shut and hasn't left his room. I guess I get to go back in a few minutes. Oh joy. Bedtime sucks.

I went back in, gave him a different, thinner pillow and covered him up. He got up once, I put him back in bed and sat outside his room. I "think" this might stick. We shall see. Total time for him to fall asleep: 40 mins. Yuck.

Oh come on, eff off kid. 2 mins? Roland is heading up to deal with the brat.

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