Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 14 and 15

Day 14 I knew would be crap. We were driving up to my parent's house 2 hours away. We made our usual stop halfway at Tim Hortons for some timbits and a pee break. He usually falls asleep at some point, but this time he didn't. He was wide awake when we got to Grandma's house and just wanted to play. Roland tried to put him to bed, but there was just a lot of screaming, him being overtired and all. So I took over and snuggled beside him on the mattress on the floor. He woke up twice through the night and was pretty much up for the day at 4:30, but we tried to keep him in our bed as long as possible.

Day 15 was a similar story. We went to my aunt's cottage for dinner and didn't end up eating until after 7. By this point, Matthew refused to eat, even though I brought him his favourite couscous to eat. He had lots of fun running around in the backyard. By the time we got home, it was 10 pm. Way past his bedtime. I had to snuggle with him on the big bed to get him to sleep and he was asleep by 10:30. He woke up at 11:30! Roland went down to get him and I fell back asleep. At 4 am I realized Roland hadn't come back to bed. He slept on the bed downstairs with Matthew all night. Matthew woke up and Roland brought him to our bed at 6 am where he slept with me until 7:30. One more night of nonsense and maybe I'll be able to get him back on track when we get home. Sleep training sucks.

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